My journey into the world of game development began during my childhood. I used to play video games with my older sister and it brought me immense happiness. These moments ignited my passion for creating immersive experiences. I yearned to recreate the joy I felt through game design, which led me to explore the realms of storytelling and character development. 
Looking up the multiple facets of the creation of a game, I recognized that coding was a big part of it! Therefore, I went to a High School that specialises in Computer Science and Telecommunications. Building upon that foundation, I further expanded my knowledge in game development by going to Kingston University in London, UK. Now I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Games Programming, which has equipped me with the technical skills to turn my visions into reality. I see both coding and design as wonderful art. However, the design aspect of the creation of a game truly captivates my mind, letting it wander and express itself with total freedom.
Throughout my academic journey, I had the pleasure of working with a colleague of mine to establish our own indie game company, Locus Amoenus. Our adventures are designed in a cartoonish minimalistic style and we want to help face the realities of mental health through our characters. We both want to help people with our games, just like games helped us.
We've created a couple of engaging mobile games available on the Google Play Store: "9Lives" and "Clucking Chaos". 
Currently, I'm actively working on developing exciting new stories that I hope will be enjoyed in the years ahead. I'm also very eager to collaborate with talented individuals from around the world, as I believe such partnerships can bring a multitude of diverse viewpoints that can enrich our games.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​